California Probate

home sold guaranteedIf the sale of real estate is part of the Probate the Executor/Administrator will need to find a REALTOR® familiar with the probate process. Additionally, provisions will be necessary for the generation of various reports and disclosures as well as the maintenance and possible repair of the property.

We are uniquely experienced to help with the Probate process.

Understanding Probate

Probate is the process where the court validates the will of the deceased (testate) or establishes that the deceased died without a will (intestate).  The court is also responsible for appointing an individual to handle the assets and obligations of the...

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Probate Glossary

 Below are some brief definitions of terms you may encounter if you are dealing with probate or trust real estate or inheritance  A person or entity appointed by the court to administer the estate when no will exists.  An...

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